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CARO Analytical Services

Founded in 1987, CARO Analytical Services is a Canadian-owned, ISO-accredited laboratory that provides testing services to public and private clients across North America. Water, soil, air, plant and food testing may be what we do, but equally important is why we do it:

We are charismatic scientists, driven to make the world safer and healthier.

Through our passion for science, you have a lab that is engaged and proactive in helping to protect environmental and human health.

CARO STORE Testing supplies

How it Works

1. Place your Order

Place your order using our online store and arrange to have the supplies shipped to you,
or to your sampling location.

2. Receive your Supplies

Your sampling kit will be couriered to you complete with sampling containers, a sheet to show you how to sample, a return waybill, and a chain of custody form (COC). The COC form is a standard legal laboratory document that gives us all the details about your sample, and who to send the results to.

3. Collect your Sample

Collect your sample following the instructions provided in your sampling kit. Be sure to complete your COC form before packaging your samples for shipment, and include a copy of the form in the cooler provided.

4. Ship your Samples Back

After collecting your samples, you should send them back to the laboratory ASAP. Many tests must be started within 24 hours of sampling, so time is of the essence! If you have prepaid for shipping, use the waybill provided with your order and drop-off your samples at the appropriate courier.

5. Wait Patiently for your Data

When the lab receives your samples, you will be sent a Login Notice that notifies you of the timeline for testing. Testing is completed in 5-7 business days, and results are delivered via email.


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