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  • Microbiology Full Panel Food Test Kit


    This package gives a full panel for all the concerns in your food product. We do a full panel microbiology test for water here.

    More information below.


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  • Heavy Metals Analysis for NHP Producers and Distributors

    This tests for: Cadmium, Arsenic, Lead, and Mercury.

    More Information below.


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  • pH and Water Activity in Food

    This package tests for essential parameters used to monitor food safety. These parameters are typically required by local health authorities for the public sale of food products. We can test all kinds of food!


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  • Pesticides in Food – Residue

    Is it organic or are you just curious how many pesticides are in your food? CARO currently tests for over 500 pesticides and herbicides. We test for Pesticides in soil and in water. More information below.


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