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  • Emergency Spill Response Sampling Kit

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    This Emergency Spill Response Sampling Kit is convenient, compact, and designed especially for first respondents to a spill. The kit contains all necessary supplies for sample collection for the most common parameters of concern in soil and water.


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  • Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) Soil Sampling Kit


    VOC in Soil Sample Field Methanol Preservation Kit.
    *Sampling kit equipment only*


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  • Pesticides in Soil Test

    This analysis will detect the presence of Pesticides in soil. We test for Pesticides in food and in water. More information below.


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  • Particle Size Analysis by Hydrometer

    Analysis includes percentages of Sand, Silt, Clay and soil texture by hydrometer.


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  • Bacteria in Solids

    This package will test for the presence of bacteria in solids. The most common matrix for this parameter is soil.


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  • Essential Soil Test Kit

    This package covers all common parameters for soil growth. Commonly known as the Acidity and Nutrients test.


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