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Category - Water

Ensuring Food Safety in Temporary Markets: The Importance of Water Activity and pH Testing.


Temporary food markets and festivals gain popularity as the warmer months draw near, drawing both vendors and food enthusiasts. For small businesses and entrepreneurs, these events are a great way to present their culinary creations, but to safeguard…

Lead in Water – Testing 101


What is Lead? Lead is a blue-gray metal found naturally in our environment. Even though it’s naturally found, Lead is a neurotoxin, a carcinogen, and a heavy metal that bioaccumulates in the body. How does lead get into…

Arsenic in Water – Testing 101


What is Arsenic? Arsenic is a chemical element with the atomic symbol “As”. It is found naturally in rocks in the earth’s crust. Arsenic is recognized as a poison and cancer-causing substance. While in water, arsenic has no…

Should I Test My Well?


To maintain a safe and reliable drinking water source, it’s recommended to test your private well’s water quality for bacterias once a year, and chemicals once every 5 years. (Coastal Health, 2019) Water source testing can differ depending…

The New and Improved Online Store!


Container Ordering We know you need containers; We’re here to help! We’ve moved to an online container ordering system. Instead of waiting for us to create your bottle order, you can use our system online! You can simply…

90% of Bottled Water Is Contaminated

Drinking Water, School & Daycare Water, Wastewater, Water, Well Water

Plastics are useful for so much in this world. The management of the waste must be drastically improved if we want to keep this world a safe and healthy environment. The World Health Organization (WHO) has announced a…

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