Before you Start

We make container ordering easy! To ensure your order is correct, follow our steps to help guide you along the way. We care about the environment and don’t want any containers or supplies to go to waste! Once you’re done looking through our FAQ, order the containers and supplies you need, then in the checkout webpage, specify how you want us to organize your order. Contact Us to redeem your code and remove the environmental disposal fee.


If you prefer ordering on a table where water, soil, air, and sampling supplies are separated, click here!

How does it work?

Step 1: Match the containers with the tests you need.
Step 2: Add the containers you need. Be sure to check if you can fit multiple tests in the same container.
Step 3: Make sure to include important sampling supplies. (ie: 0.45 um filter and a syringe for dissolvable metals tests)
Step 4: In checkout, specify the container sets so we can organize your order appropriately.
Step 5: Purchase the container order and we will send the supplies to you right away!

What containers should I order?

Use the tables below to determine the containers you need. Align the analysis with the container, and be sure to check if that container can hold more than one analysis in it.

Can I organize my containers in different sample sets?

Yes, you can! In the checkout page (Step 4), specify how you want us to organize your order in the “Container Details” section.

Am I able to order these for a discount?

Yes, you can! The fee represents environmental disposal fees. However, Clients of CARO have the opportunity to order bottles for free. Contact Us to redeem your code.

When can I expect the containers to arrive?

Our standard shipping time is 5 business days. If you need it for a specific date, we can cater to your needs. Expedited shipping is subject to a surcharge.

Why is the table not loading?

Certain browsers or phones may display the ordering table incorrectly. Once you scroll down the page, the table should load within the second. If the table loads poorly after you add an item to your cart, change the page number, then go back to the original page number. Please report any broken displays here.

Can you test my samples in this order?

Yes! Reach out to us and we will create a new order for you with the analyses you need. We will contact you if we receive your samples without communication.

Below is the ordering table for water containers. Note that our general containers can hold multiple analyses in the same container. Sometimes the same sample amount can be used for other tests.

Sample Amount Guide

To complete your order, in the Checkout area below, please use the “Container Details” section if you want the order to be separated into different sets. If the Checkout page isn’t loading for you below, click here!