Most Common Tests

Should I get Testing?

It’s hard to know if you need testing. One thing is for sure; a test on your water wouldn’t hurt!

Why might my water not be safe?

Your water may taste and look great, however, there can be many harmful substances that you don’t see, taste, or smell, such as bacteria and chemicals, that could affect your health.

For example, local farming and industrial activities can leech into your soil and contaminate the private water source you drink from.

How Much Does It Cost for Water Testing?

The cost of testing your water is determined by the testing package you require, it can range from a very basic coliform test to a comprehensive drinking water package.  Our most popular kit by far is our Essential Drinking Water Test Kit, which covers everything in the Canadian Drinking Water Guidelines and only costs $324.

How Do I Order a Water Testing Kit?

Water test kits are easy to order online, they come with the sampling procedure and a pre-paid shipping label to return the completed water test kit back to the lab.

Most Common Tests

Essential Drinking Water Test – $324.00

This kit is perfect for homeowners, contractors and business owners as it complies with the Canadian Drinking Water Guidelines. This tests for the common contaminants found in wells, house water, and general water quality issues. It tests for bacteria, metals, anions, and chemical & general properties.

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Bacteria In Water Test – $99.00

The quality of your drinking water starts with a bacterial analysis. This is a very common test because homeowners, well owners, and water suppliers are recommended to test for this annually.

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Lead In Water Test – $75.00

Lead gets into our drinking water a number of ways. The most common way is from corrosion of plumbing parts. Older homes are vulnerable to this kind of contamination. Lead is very dangerous!

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How it works

Every purchase gets a CARO Cooler, Sampling Instructions, a Return Shipping Waybill, and the correct Containers.

  1. Fill the Containers – Depending on the test, we will send you the correct bottles with preservative (if needed) as well as the sampling instructions.
  2. Send it Back – Every order includes a return shipping waybill. All you need to do is get that CARO Cooler to your preferred courier and send it off!
  3. Your Results are in! – It typically takes us 5-7 business days to process your results once we receive the CARO Cooler. We will email the results to your email.

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