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3 Easy Steps

We send you the CARO Kit

In the CARO Kit, you’ll receive the sampling containers, a sheet to show you how to sample, as well as a chain of custody form (COC). The COC form is a standard legal laboratory document that gives us all the details about your sample, and who to send the results to.

Sample and Send Back!

Once you sample, it’s advised to get the CARO Kit to a post office or courier ASAP. Certain tests like Microbiology (found in most drinkability packages) have a sample holding time of only 24 hours, so it’s vital to get the containers in transit right away.

The Laboratory is testing!

It takes roughly 5 – 7 business days for us to analyze the samples and produce the report for you. We’ll email the report to you when it’s ready. Every result’s turnaround time (TAT) starts when we receive the filled bottles in the laboratory.

What you get


Useful Documents:

How do Turnaround Times work?

  • 5-7 day standard turn around times
  • Rush available upon request (additional fees apply), excluding microbiology
  • TAT begins on next business day for samples received after 3:30pm or on weekends/holidays
  • For Same Day TAT, Samples must be received before 10am

How do I get my samples back to your lab?

Simply send the containers back to our lab via your preferred courier. Click here and scroll down to see our Lab locations.

What do I get in my order?

Upon purchase of a test, you will receive a CARO Kit:

Testing Containers – We fill your testing containers with the correct preservatives and store them at a specific temperature in our CARO Kit.

Sampling Guidelines – We’ll make sure you know the correct methods of sampling to ensure there aren’t any hiccups in the testing process.

Chain of Custody – This is a standard laboratory form that must be filled out and shipped back to us with the bottles. It’s used by our staff to make sure we do our job right!

The Report – We will send your report via email and you can access it online if you use our service called ClientConnect. Regulation maximum accepted concentrations are listed as well so you can compare your results.

When can I expect my results?

Typically, it takes our lab 5 to 7 business days to fully analyze your samples. Each project is different, and each test is different. Certain tests are subject to 10 day turnaround times. Contact us for specific TATs.

How do I read my report?

We’ve created this page to help you understand your reports better.

What should I test for?

Short answer is.. it depends! Every testing project is different. Our most common kit is the Essential Drinking Water Test Kit. Since we’re an independent lab, we always recommend our customers to ask their local health officer to determine what you need to test for.

Help!! I cant find the test I want.

We can’t put every test online, there’s a chance we still can test your sample! Submit a Custom Order Request and one of our scientists will get back to you soon.

Am I able to get my results back quicker?

Yes you can! Each rush order will have a surcharge, depending on how fast you want the turnaround time (TAT) to be.

Note – Some tests can’t be rushed.

How do I read my results?

As a third-party lab, we cant help interpret your results. Health Authotitys are great resources for this; as they have a health officer in your community thats a free phone. They’re great at listening to scenarios and providng their expert feedback.

What now?

If you’re wondering “what’s next” with your results; you can contact your local health authority. Health officers are really good at listening to scenarios while providing their expert feedback.

Vancouver Coastal Health
Len Clarkson
Phone: (604) 815-6841
Email: [email protected]
Safety Concern Website
Water Inquiries Website

Fraser Health
Health Protection Office
Phone: (604) 870-7903
[email protected]

Island Health
Health Protection and Environmental Services
Phone: (250) 755-6215
[email protected]

First Nations Health Authority
Drinking Water Safety Program
Phone: 1 (866) 913-0033
[email protected]

Northern Health
Public Health Protection
Phone: (250) 565-2150
[email protected]

Interior Health
Public Health
Phone: 1-855-744-6328
[email protected]

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