What is Lead?

Lead is a blue-gray metal found naturally in our environment. Even though it’s naturally found, Lead is a neurotoxin, a carcinogen, and a heavy metal that bioaccumulates in the body.

How does lead get into our Water

Unfortunately, there’s a couple of different ways lead can get into our drinking water. One of the most common forms of lead contamination is the corrosion of plumbing parts. There have been extreme cases where the government’s piping is the culprit.

What are the health effects of Lead exposure?

According to Health Canada, even ingesting a low level of lead may be harmful. Lead can harm the intellectual development, behaviour, size, and hearing of developing fetuses, infants and young children. The health impact depends on many factors including the amount consumed over time, age, nutrition, and underlying health issues (HealthLink BC, 2019).

Children and pregnant mothers are the most vulnerable since even extremely low levels of exposure are toxic and very difficult to eliminate. If you suspect your house has this, we urge you to get our Lead in Paint test kit as soon as possible! Our Lead in Water test kit is one of our best selling tests

People may ingest lead from many sources, such as food, drinking water, soil, paint, and dust.

Little Standardization, Big Problem

Back in 2018, CARO posted the article “No Regulated Testing for Daycares in BC“, discussing how public schools are required to test 1/3 of their water annually, but daycares have no set regulations in place. To us, that’s a very staggering fact given that young children are the most susceptible to lead contamination.

CARO’s in the News!

Lead in your water? Why you’ll have to test it yourself to be sure

November 6th, 2019 – Rob Munro  –  iNFOnews, 2019.

In Brief: The article showcases the recent studies on Canada’s drinking water having lead exposure and how it relates to the 2014 drinking water crisis in Flint Michigan. This article talks about how there’s a lack of standardization nation-wide; and provides resources for how people should test their water. Spoiler: CARO has a Lead in Water Test Kit that could be perfect for you!

CARO Analytical Services was also mentioned in Castanet’s article, saying how there aren’t any Lead Concerns at SD23. (Thanks to the quality testing of CARO!)

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