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  • Essential Soil Test Kit

    This soil analysis indicates unbalances in your soil's nutrients and pH. Maintaining the pH and Nutrients of your soil is essential for the growth of your garden or lawn. This is commonly called a Soil Nutrient test or a Soil Fertility test.

    You can add a metals test to ensure the metal in your soil isn't at a toxic concentration. Also, our compost add-on tells you the organic content of your soil. This is vital for the decomposition process.


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  • pH and Water Activity in Food

    A pH and Water Activity in Food test will indicate your shelf life stability. This package tests for essential parameters used to monitor food safety. These parameters are typically required by local health authorities for the public sale of food products. We can test all kinds of food!


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  • Basic Drinking Water Package

    This package tests for most of the chemical and physical parameters in drinking water. For a test that covers microbiological too, check out our Essential Drinking Water Test.

    $275.00 $225.00

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  • Heavy Metals Analysis for NHP Producers and Distributors

    This tests for: Cadmium, Arsenic, Lead, and Mercury.

    More Information below.


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  • Field Sampling Services

    *$150 is a minimum charge.* Additional charges may apply to a certain location or instructions.

    CARO’s team of big picture sidekicks will be here every step of the way for your sampling needs. We have an experienced team dedicated on delivering the best service possible.  Describe your project post-purchase and we will customize it for you. If you need an immediate quote, submit a custom order request.


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  • Bacteria in Solids

    This package will test for the presence of bacteria in solids. The most common matrix for this parameter is soil.


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  • Wastewater Monitoring Package


    This package covers all of the typical parameters required for water and wastewater operators.



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  • Asbestos in Vermiculite

    This analysis tests for Asbestos on loose matrices like Vermiculite.


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  • Pesticides in Food – Residue

    Is it organic or are you just curious how many pesticides are in your food? CARO currently tests for over 500 pesticides and herbicides. We test on fresh produce, processed foods, and honey. Contact us if you have a complex test! We will take care of it. We test for Pesticides in soil and in water. More information below.


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