125 mL Plastic – (General)

Requires ONE 125 mL Container: Alkalinity (50 mL), Acidity (50 mL), Anions: Bromide/Chloride/Fluoride/Sulfate/Nitrite/Nitrate (50 mL), Carbon: Total/Dissolved Inorganic (TIC/DIC), Chlorine (Total and Free), Colour (50 mL), Conductivity (EC) (50 mL), Formaldehyde, Nitrogen: NO2/NO3 (50 mL), Perchlorate, pH (50 mL), Absorbance 254 nm, Gold and Isocyanate, Methanol, Silica – Reactive (100 mL), Transmittance 254 nm, UVT/Transmission (50mL).

Preservative: None

Caro Bottle ID: C22


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