Microbiology Full Panel Food Test Kit

This package gives a full panel for all the concerns in your food product. We do a full panel microbiology test for water here.

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What it tests

Total Coliforms – Exist naturally in soil, water, and vegetation. Total Coliforms are generally harmless but there presence indicates inadequate processing or contamination

Fecal Coliforms – Typically found in the feces of humans and animals but may also be found naturally in the environment. Their presence may indicate fecal contamination.

Escherichia coli – E.coli are members of the fecal coliform group and their presence is an indicator of direct fecal contamination.

Salmonella – commonly found in the intestines of animals and birds. Salmonella presence is also an indicator of direct fecal contamination.

Total Aerobic Bacteria – Total aerobic bacteria represents the total number of bacteria able to grow in an oxygenated environment. Their presence is typically used to monitor quality and to look for significant changes in quality, sanitation, processing, and food handling.

Yeast and Mold – often lead to spoilage of food products, including low-risk foods.

Are you looking for something else? CARO probably tests for it! Send us a custom order request and we will take care of it for you!

What you get

This package gives a full panel for all these concerns in your food product. There are a number of biological indicators that CARO can test for associated with high-risk food products as well as inadequate processing, contamination, poor sanitation, and poor food handling processes that may result in preventable food poisoning incidents.  Each of these can also be bought individually by contacting CARO directly.

How it works

With the purchase of this package, you will receive containers to put your sample(s) into, sampling instructions, a chain of custody form for submission of your food sample(s). Upon receipt of the sample at the lab, results will be provided to you electronically within 7 -10 business days.


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