Disinfection By-Products

This package tests for Chlorate, Chlorite, Chlorine, THM, and HAA.

Canadian Drinking Water Quality Guidelines


  • This is the time it takes for us to deliver your results. This starts once we receive your samples. Samples must be received before 3:30 pm PST to begin the turnaround time. Otherwise, TAT will begin on the next business day. For Same Day TAT, we must receive your samples before 10:30 am PST.

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What it tests

Parameters Included:
Chlorate, Chlorite, Chlorine (Total and Free), THM, HAA

Are you looking for something else? CARO probably tests for it! Send us a custom order request and we will take care of it for you!

What you get

Upon purchase of this test, you will receive:

  • Testing containers
  • Sampling guidelines
  • Test Results once a sample is returned to the lab – around 5 working days after receiving sample back at the lab.
  • Return Shipping For Sample Back To Lab

Does not include sampling safety equipment as what is required depends on various circumstances. Please contact a local environmental consultant if you have questions or concerns about safely sampling. CARO provides testing services only, no sampling services.

How it works

Containers Included:
1. 100mL Glass with EDA preservative

2. 125mL HDPE (Fill with no Headspace)

3. 40mL Glass with Na2S2O3 preservative

4. 40mL Glass with NH4Cl preservative

Results – on delivery of filled bottles back to the laboratory according to the included instructions.

Just send back the filled bottles to the lab and the report with the results is included in the price. These results are meant to indicate aesthetic concerns.


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