Essential Drinking Water Test Kit

This is our most common drinking water package.

It’s perfect for homeowners and contractors as it complies with the Canadian Drinking Water Guidelines which ensures your water is safe to drink. You will get all the required supplies and instructions to sample effectively. Tests for metals, bacterias, anions, and many other factors that would affect the colour, taste, and smell of the water you drink. This is our most popular kit for a reason!

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  • Bacteria samples have a 24 hour holding time. Please try to get your samples to us ASAP after sampling. We will contact you if the sample expires. We can still test it, but the results may differ.

    Bacteria tests have a 5 to 7 day turnaround time and cannot be rushed. Turnaround time starts once we receive your samples. Samples must be received before 3:00 PM PST to begin the turnaround time. Otherwise, turnaround time will begin on the next business day.

What it tests

This drinking water potability package includes the following parameters listed below:

This testing package has a wide-range of uses!

  • Private Well – The bacteria in water test is primarily used for annual well tests. However, some well owners should consider upgrading to this test depending on the water quality or known contaminants in the area.
  • House water test – This test is perfect for tap sources in homes. It covers the metals associated with pipe corrosion and tests for many other common problems associated with water quality.
  • Business routine check – Safety is important to all of us. Our essential drinking water test kit covers the most common water quality issues that could be affecting your business.
  • Contractors – Covers a wide range of contaminants and gives clients a “peace of mind” with the number of crucial contaminants tested.

..and many more!

Total Coliforms, E.coli – Exists naturally in soil, water, and vegetation. Nearby septic systems, sewage discharges, and domestic or wild animal life can promote coliform growth. Most coliform bacteria will not likely cause any illness. However, these bacterias are used as indicators in water tests because their presence shows if disease-causing organisms (pathogens) could also be in the water. E.coli is considered the type of coliform that is the best indicator of fecal contamination with the possibility to carry pathogens. The total coliform bacteria test is a primary indicator of “potability”, or suitability for consumption, of drinking water.

Anions – These compounds include Chloride, Fluoride, Nitrate, Nitrite, and Sulfate. Each of these compounds has different symptoms and effects to our body. If enough organic and inorganic salts enter into the water system, they make the water toxic and poisonous to drink. Provides the Cation-Anion Balance.

Total Metals – This includes: Aluminum, Antimony, Arsenic, Barium, Boron, Cadmium, Calcium, Chromium, Copper, Iron, Lead, Magnesium, Manganese, Potassium, Selenium, Sodium, Uranium, Zinc.

Chemical and General – This includes Alkalinity, Cyanide, Langelier Index, Conductivity, Total Hardness, pH, Total Dissolvable Solids, Temperature, and Turbidity.

Check with your local health authority to ensure that packages meet your requirements.

Are you looking for something else? CARO probably tests for it! Send us a custom order request and we will take care of it for you!

What you get


Upon purchase of this test, you will receive a CARO Kit:


Testing Containers – We fill your testing containers with the correct preservatives and store them at a specific temperature in our CARO Kit.

Containers Included:
1. Microbiology: 300 mL sterile with Na2S2O3 preservative
2. Metals: 125 mL HDPE with HNO3 preservative
3. General: 250 mL HDPE
4. Cyanide: 125 mL HDPE with NaOH preservative

Sampling Guidelines – We’ll make sure you know the correct methods of sampling to ensure there aren’t any hiccups in the testing process.

Chain of Custody – This is a standard laboratory form that must be filled out and shipped back to us with the bottles. It’s used by our staff to make sure we do our job right!

The Report – We will send your report via email and you can access it online if you use our service called ClientConnect. Regulation maximum accepted concentrations are listed as well so you can compare your results.

Does not include sampling safety equipment as what is required depends on various circumstances. Please contact a local environmental consultant if you have questions or concerns about safely sampling. CARO provides testing services only, no sampling services.

How it works


After you purchase a kit on our store,


We will ship the CARO Kit to you via express shipping. In the CARO Kit, you’ll receive the sampling containers, a sheet to show you how to sample, as well as a chain of custody form (COC). The COC form is a standard lab procedure to get the correct information from you.

Once you sample, it’s advised to get the samples back to us ASAP. You can do this by getting that CARO Kit to a post office or courier and send it back to one of our locations. Certain tests like Microbiology (found in most drinkability packages) have a sample holding time of only 24 hours, so it’s vital to get the containers in transit right away.

So we’ve received your samples, allow 5 – 7 business days for us to analyze them and produce the reports for you. We will email the report to you when it’s ready. Every result’s turnaround time (TAT) will be started on the delivery of filled bottles back to the laboratory.

Internal rushes are possible for non-micobiology tests. Either use the Turnaround Time add on, or make a custom inquiry via the contact us webpage or on the phone.

Does not include sampling safety equipment as what is required depends on various circumstances. Please contact a local environmental consultant if you have questions or concerns about safely sampling. CARO provides testing services only, no sampling services.


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