Metals in Water Test Kit

This analysis will detect the presence of metals in water.

Metals occur naturally in our environment, however, our drinking water can contain a poisonous concentration of metals.

Our reports will give you a precise number that’s above the reporting limit, and either above or below the regulatory guidelines.

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  • This is the time it takes for us to deliver your results. This starts once we receive your samples. Samples must be received before 3:30 pm PST to begin the turnaround time. Otherwise, TAT will begin on the next business day. For Same Day TAT, we must receive your samples before 10:30 am PST.

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What it tests

This kit scans for a list of metals (see below).

Total Metals – Water
SM 3030 E (PREP) and SM 3125 B (ANALYSIS)
Hardness (Calculation)

Lead: Lead is a neurotoxin, a carcinogen, and a heavy metal that bioaccumulates in the body. Children and pregnant mothers are the most vulnerable since even extremely low levels of exposure are toxic and very difficult to eliminate. Lead gets into the water most commonly from the corrosion of plumbing parts. It was common for older houses to use paint with lead inside it. If you suspect your house has this, we urge you to get our Lead in Paint test kit as soon as possible! Our Lead in Water test kit is one of our best selling tests.

Copper: Even though copper poisoning from water is rare, it does happen. People who drink from well water are at a higher risk for copper poisoning because their water isn’t as regulated as a public system. Copper contamination usually occurs from corrosion in the water delivery system. Copper piping and fittings are widely used in household plumbing. The longer water has stood idle in the pipes, the more copper it is likely to have absorbed. Newer homes with copper pipes are more likely to have this problem because these pipes haven’t developed a coating to help insulate the water passing through. Short-term exposure to high levels of copper can cause gastrointestinal distress. Long-term exposure and severe cases of copper poisoning can cause anemia and disrupt liver and kidney functions.

Arsenic: An odourless and tasteless semimetal that occurs naturally in the earth and the seas. Consumption of food and water are the major sources of arsenic exposure. Exposure can come from industrial sources as well. An arsenic test is common for people using a private water source. This is because wells are more susceptible to pollutants from weathering and surface arsenic-related pollutants are easily distributed by rain and snow weathering the ground.

Are you looking for something else? CARO probably tests for it! Send us a custom order request and we will take care of it for you!

What you get

Upon purchase of this test, you will receive a CARO Kit:

Testing Containers – We fill your testing containers with the correct preservatives and store them at a specific temperature in our CARO Kit.

C05 – Metals

Sampling Guidelines – We’ll make sure you know the correct methods of sampling to ensure there aren’t any hiccups in the testing process.

Chain of Custody – This is a standard laboratory form that must be filled out and shipped back to us with the bottles. It’s used by our staff to make sure we do our job right!

The Report – We will send your report via email and you can access it online if you use our service called ClientConnect. Regulation maximum accepted concentrations are listed as well so you can compare your results.

Does not include sampling safety equipment as what is required depends on various circumstances. Please contact a local environmental consultant if you have questions or concerns about safely sampling. CARO provides testing services only, no sampling services.

How it works

After you purchase a kit on our store,

We will ship the CARO Kit to you via express shipping. In the CARO Kit, you’ll receive the sampling containers, a sheet to show you how to sample, as well as a chain of custody form (COC). The COC form is a standard lab procedure to get the correct information from you.

Once you sample, it’s advised to get the samples back to us ASAP. You can do this by getting that CARO Kit to a post office or courier and send it back to one of our locations. Certain tests like Microbiology (found in most drinkability packages) have a sample holding time of only 24 hours, so it’s vital to get the containers in transit right away.

So we’ve received your samples, allow 5 – 7 business days for us to analyze them and produce the reports for you. We will email the report to you when it’s ready. Every result’s turnaround time (TAT) will be started on the delivery of filled bottles back to the laboratory.

Internal rushes are possible for non-micobiology tests. Either use the Turnaround Time add on, or make a custom inquiry via the contact us webpage or on the phone.

Does not include sampling safety equipment as what is required depends on various circumstances. Please contact a local environmental consultant if you have questions or concerns about safely sampling. CARO provides testing services only, no sampling services.


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