Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) Soil Sampling Kit

VOC in Soil Sample Field Methanol Preservation Kit.
*Sampling kit equipment only*


What it tests

Volatile Organic Compound (VOC)

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What you get

Upon purchase of this test, you will receive:

  • 2 Sample Vials
  • 1 Disposable Coring Device
  • 1 Soil Jar

Suitable for 1 VOC in Soil Sample. Soil Jar Required for Moisture Calculation

How it works

Field Methanol Preservation: A representative sub-sample of soil (typically ~ 5 grams wet weight) is collected (typically with a disposable coring device) and extruded into a known volume of high purity methanol (typically 10.0 mL) contained in a pre-weighed vial. Two preserved sub-sample vials per sample are recommended as a precaution against leaks, breakage, or error.

Holding Time – Methanol Extract: 40 days from sampling date.

VOC in Soil BC Lab Manual Method


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