Below is a list of the MINIMUM sample amounts for our general tests.

There are two groups of tests that can use the same 50 mL.

1. Transmittance, All Anions, and Colour

2. Conductivity, Alkalinity, pH, Salinity, and Resistivity

AnalysisMinimum Sample Amount
Alkalinity50 mL
Acidity 50 mL
Anions: Bromide/Chloride/Fluoride/Sulfate/Nitrite/Nitrate50 mL
Colour 50 mL
Conductivity50 mL
Free Acid 50 mL
Nitrilotriacetic Acid (NTA)250 mL
Nitrogen: NO2/NO3 (speciated)50 mL
pH50 mL
Phosphorus: Ortho PO4/Reactive – Ortho50 mL
Salinity 50 mL
Tannins and Lignin100 mL
Turbidity 100 mL
UV Absorbance/Transmissivity50 mL
Resistivity50 mL